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The nature of Chris’ work has generated increased media interest and Chris is frequently invited to appear, or pass comment, as the ’expert’ on a number of TV shows across the BBC, Channel 4 and Sky channels as well as on the radio and in the national and regional newspapers..

Chris appeared in the TV series ‘Fat Surgeons’ for UKTV, which follows him and his colleagues as they operate on a range of patients undergoing bariatric surgery.

The third series of Fat Surgeons will aired in January 2011 and followed Chris Pring and his colleague Shaw Somers as they consulted with and operated on a range of patients performing weight loss surgery.

Chris featured on the BBC2 documentary ‘Keeping Britain Alive’, the One Show on BBC1 and you can also watch Chris being interviewed on Channel 5 news.

Latest TV News

Watch Chris Pring on the BBC programme, Obesity: How prejudiced is the NHS?

Professor Rachel Batterham, Head of the obesity services at University College Hospital will be speaking to Chris to examine the dramatic effect gastric bypasses can have on person’s lifestyle and overall health – and how it can even cure other weight-related illnesses.

To watch the full programme here:


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